The First Post is the Hardest

So here we go, after weeks of throwing ideas left right & centre about what I could possibly put up here for my first ever blog post... I went with this. I think this is something every first time blogger has had to deal with, writing down lists of how to introduce yourself, what you should say, what you shouldn't say, and then just when you finally have the best blog post you've ever done (technically true, it's your first after all) you decide its awful and must be removed from all existence immediately.

Then today it finally hit me. My first post was staring me in the face this whole time, now it was finally time to put it out there.
I'm sure this is the case for most people if not all first timers, correct me if I'm wrong, but as someone who struggles with things like anxiety & depression on a daily, this was a really tough step for me to take.

I wanted to make sure the world got to see my best work from the get go, but this is a journey, not just the end goal. That's where I came up with the name "Cloud 8" by the way, because I'm still on my way to that best place on cloud 9.

We should all try to maybe take a step back from this idea of perfection & pristine image we want to show the world. Who are we kidding? Everyone struggles, so why try to hide that. It could even result in us helping others in turn.

So there we go, I really hope that even just one person reads this and realises that it's not as hard as we think to take that first step, whether it's a blog post or something entirely different.

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