4 Great Reasons To Be Happy Today

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Felt crappy and miserable with no reasons what so ever, or even if there is a reason for it? Sometimes we get the blues, it's perfectly normal and there may or may not even be a reason for it. Let's face it, if your morning thoughts run like some daunting to-do list who can blame you for having a rain cloud following you around all day.

It's not always as simple as just saying to yourself "OK! Today I'll be happy and cheerful" sometimes you need a reason to be happy, and sometimes it can be hard to try and think of these reasons through all that blue and grey going on in your brain. Let's take a look at just some reasons you can think about to be happy today:

1. Health

One thing everyone has in common, without a doubt, is health. Whether it's good or bad, humans all have health. Most people are reasonably healthy, so why is it that we always seem to fixate on and complain about little things like a sniffly nose or an upset stomach? I've known people who have struggled with their health, sometimes for their whole life, that are still cheery and have a smile on their face every time I see them. Why is this? They're happy because they have health. 

Some of us can take our health for granted and really feel bad for ourselves every time we feel just a little unwell. This isn't a great way to go through our lives. Be aware that you have good health, even if it's mixed in with some bad parts there's still good there too and use it as a reason to be cheerful.

2. Dreams

Hopes and dreams are a great source for us to be happy. That holiday you keep planning out in your head, the night out with friends that's coming up, or even that big promotion at work. Having dreams and goals for the future is a great way to bring our moods up. Just take five minuets right now to focus on all those awesome things that could be waiting for us in the future and how great it is to work towards those dreams. 

No matter what it is you were thinking about, have some fun and plan it out. It could be just in your head where you think about fun ways to get there or even making it more of a reality and start to write down and really plan it out and make it fun. 

3. Curiosity 

People say all the time that because we have the world mapped out and know so much in the modern day that adventure and exploration is near impossible now. That's not really true though. It could definitely be argued to be true as a society, but on a more personal level there is so much for one person to be curious about. Pick a subject, almost any really, and start the journey. You could look up anything online or at a local library. You may even end up picking up a new hobby or skill that you didn't even know was possible. 

Being curious is a very simple thing to do, and that feeling of adventure can really brighten anyone's day.

4. Emotions

The simple fact that you can experience happiness should bring you happiness. We should always be thankful for our emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, these are all things that show us we're alive and still here in the amazing world. My husband always says he could do with a good cry and I never really understood at first, but a release of emotions can bring so much calm and joy to yourself. Even after heated arguments I've had with people, once it's all done and over with there is a certain calm that goes through my mind and makes me happier in a way.

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