6 Ways To Unblock Your Creativity

 No matter what you're doing in life, whether it's your career, love life, friendships or family, creativity is always a must have. It's not all about being artistic either. Creativity can mean different things to many people. Sometimes we can all struggle with a lack of creativity and finding our way out of that road block can be a real struggle. 

I'd like to say I'm always in a creative mind set. After all I love to surround myself with creative things, ideas and people. Sometimes though, that just isn't enough to keep the creative juices flowing. While I was trying to find ways out of a funk I was having, I came across a few little tips that I think could really be useful to others, and hopefully help you out of this block:

  • Daydream Believer - Contrary to popular opinions and beliefs day dreaming can actually be extremely useful when it comes to unlocking some of that hidden creativity. When we let our minds relax and unwind we can get the most amazing flashes of creative insight. 
  • Creative Support Web - Surrounding yourself with other creative people can give us a really great boost to our creative sides. It'll be so much easier for you to come up with those awesome creative ideas when you have people around you who have the same kind of ideas to bounce off of.
  • Aim For The Finish Line - It's always a pretty tough thing to do but focusing on all of the possible hurdles in your way can be very distracting when it comes keeping the flow of creativity going strong. You should try to keep your sights on that finish line. You can do it!
  • Go Au Naturel - Getting outside and immersing yourself in nature can really help to get our creative mojo going strong. Just look around you for inspiration. The leaves above and around you, insects showing off all the colours of the rainbow, birds singing and dancing in the branches above. Nature has so much creative inspiration just waiting for you to find.
  • Stimulating Situations - Whether its putting on some headphones and listening to your favorite artists or visiting a local art gallery or museum. We all have a capacity to open up to the creativity around us and mix them in with our own.
  • Escape Your Comfort Zone - You are only going to grow by putting yourself into new and
    exciting situations. A good way to give yourself a good spark of creativity is to find some discomfort and work with it instead of against it.

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