Pizza Hut's Vegan Menu Review

Why Pizza Hut?

Me and my husband like Pizza Hut, we've been there a fair few times over the years with friends, family, on dates and even one triple date! So you can probably imagine how excited we got when we received the news of their new vegan menu. We had to go and check it out as soon as we could.

My husband is exclusively vegan and has been for a long while now, myself , I'm more of what I like to call a "part-time" vegan. I'm a vegetarian but usually when we eat together at home or when we're out and about, I'll order the same sort of things if not the exact same thing. So trust me when I tell you how hard it can be for us to find somewhere that has more than a single vegan option on their menu.

Let's Get Starters

Let's dive in then with one of the new starters Pizza Hut has included on their vegan menu. Their Jack 'N' Rolls! I was a little hesitant to begin with since it was something I'd never tried before let alone heard of and the only other option was a mini corn on the cob. Well I wasn't going to chose something as simple as that when this was our first time ordering off the new vegan menu. Any worries I had quickly vanished as the food arrived and we took our first bites into this amazing starter. The sweet chili and BBQ jack-fruit left my mouth watering and wanting more, and trust me there was more. 

Time For The Main Attraction

For our main pizza we chose to split a Vegan BBQ Jack 'N' Ch**se Pizza (and yes, that's how they wrote it in the menu and I secretly love it). This is honestly an almost perfect pizza for me personally. It has so many different and tasty toppings that really went great together. My only negatives with the pizza are more of a personal taste than quality. That being there needs to be more BBQ sauce on their pizzas as a whole, I've always thought this. It's easily fixed though since you can just top it up with the sauce provided on the table. 

Dessert Downfall

Here is where my pizza high started to fall. They only have the one option on the menu for dessert but thankfully I'm a huge fan of cinnamon! Unfortunately what we got didn't really live up to my expectations or even what was pictured on the menu. The best way I can describe it is a soft pizza base with cinnamon sprinkled on top, sliced into bites and then drizzled lightly with watery icing.

Cheque please!

Other than the dessert at the end I was really impressed with the new vegan menu at Pizza Hut. There were more main options than I was expecting and I suppose a dessert is better than no dessert. All together I would say Pizza Hut's vegan menu gets four slices out of five from me! Something I will definitely be having again.

I'd like to add that these are all my own personal opinions on the items that I ate and I am so glad to see the food industry taking huge steps to provide more, good, options for all (Pizza Hut also has a gluten free menu!)

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