The Importance Of "Me Time"

I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a social animal even though being with my friends and just hanging out is one if my favourite things to do. That being said, recently I’ve let my mental health take over a little more than I should have which has resulted in me shying away from social situations more and even avoiding social media and blogging. I’m not saying a little me time isn’t good for the mind and body but a lot of me time is not the way to go.

Recently I’ve been focusing on what I can do to help look after myself, even just that little bit more. After finally reaching my thirties I thought I’d suddenly evolve and become this person who can adult like the best of them, that just wasn't the case though and in a way I’m pretty happy that I’m still the same old me. It did lead me to look into ways to care about myself more however, which in turn has helped to teach me a little more about “me time" and how much it can really help.

Taking care of yourself will help out in so many parts of your life that it would be silly of us to not even try a little. Whether it's going for a walk in the park, reading for half an hour at your local coffee shop, trying out something like yoga, or even getting a massage, we should all make sure to have a little me time scheduled in. Here are some useful tips and tricks to getting the best out of your me time.

Make Your Time Count

It can be really easy to use your spare time to run some errands or catch up on work, but we should be committing some of that time to ourselves. Pamper yourself, just have a little chill time and relax a little, maybe grab a fancy flavoured tea and treat yourself (I personally love fruity teas!). It doesn’t need to be a lot of time but you do need it to be for yourself.

Ask for a Little Help

Sometimes it’s easier to do it yourself, but you should try to keep an eye out for tasks where you could ask for a little help. Maybe you could ask your partner or roommate to pick up a few bits from the shop on their way home, or have other people in the household help out more with the chores around the place. It can make a huge difference to just get that little bit of extra help in lighting your load.

Delegating the Digital Age

You can save yourself so much time and effort if you set yourself certain times of the day to check things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and emails. Just checking it a few times a day or every couple of hours, instead of every five minutes will give you some extra time. How often you really need to check these?

Shower Time

Maybe this is really the only time you’ll get to yourself today, so you should put it to good use. Treat yourself to some aromatherapy and imagine that this is one of those spa days you’ve been dreaming of. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, nothing can bother you for these few minutes you get to yourself.

Rise & Shine

I’m pretty sure at this point everyone has heard this but you should try to wake up earlier in the morning. Just hear me out here and try it for a week. Set your alarm for ten or fifteen minutes before your usual time and use these extra minutes to just be with yourself, write in a journal (dream journals can be great here), do a little simple yoga, anything to help restore some of your you-ness.

Remember It's Guilt Free

Having a little time to yourself could leave anyone feeling a little guilty. You’re not doing work, or spending time with loved ones. Just remember that making sure to take this bit of “me time" is essential to keeping you happier and healthy, which in turn means a happier family and more productive work getting done.

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